Why Choose Vehicle Leasing Over Buying?

The Principle of Long-Term Rental (LTR)

The concept of long-term vehicle leasing is simple yet effective. At NOVAGO, you get to lease a brand new vehicle for a period of 24 to 60 months with a pre-set annual mileage. This comes in exchange for a manageable monthly payment, saving you from the significant costs of vehicle purchase, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

The benefits of Long-Term Vehicle Leasing with NOVAGO

Opting for NOVAGO's vehicle leasing services brings many benefits. However, its flexibility stands out as it can be tailored to best fit your specific requirements.


Quality Customer Experience

At NOVAGO, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our dedicated teams are always ready to provide support, answer your questions, and offer valuable advice.

Simplified Vehicle Management

Embrace the full benefits of having a vehicle without worrying about associated costs or administrative tasks. NOVAGO takes care of all these concerns, providing a hassle-free experience.

Keep your monthly expenses under control

With a set monthly fee, managing your expenses becomes straightforward. Leave the rest to us and enjoy effective cost management.


As we are not affiliated with any banks or car manufacturers, our advice is entirely impartial, helping you choose the best make and model suited to your needs.

Multi-brand approach

Personalize your fleet management to align with your brand identity, environmental policies, and budget. We offer a broad range of brands, models, lease periods, and mileage options to cater to your specific requirements. Our flexible, tailor-made proposals ensure you receive a solution that optimally meets your mobility needs.

Electric vehicle Leasing

At NOVAGO, we take pride in being the first long-term vehicle leasing company in Sub-Saharan Africa to offer a fleet 100% electric. Choosing electric driving not only supports environmental conservation but also promises a more sustainable future. Enjoy the enhanced performance and unparalleled driving comfort that comes with our electric vehicles.
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