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Long-term Vehicle Leasing

NOVAGO’s long-term vehicle leasing service is specially designed for larger companies, offering car leasing options for periods ranging from 24 to 60 months.
Free yourself from the administrative tasks and vehicle maintenance hassles, and focus solely on your core business operations.
From comprehensive maintenance to insurance, we ensure your vehicles are well-managed. We guarantee uninterrupted productivity by providing replacement vehicles during servicing or repair periods. With NOVAGO, enjoy the full use of your chosen vehicle for a fixed monthly rental.
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Medium-term Vehicle Leasing

Our medium-term car leasing service is an excellent choice for SMEs or transitional periods. It's an ideal solution for employees on probation, seasonal needs, or as a temporary option while awaiting your ordered vehicle's delivery.
Just like our long-term leasing service, you receive all the advantages with the only difference being the lease duration (1 to 24 months) and the mileage limit.
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Fleet management Services

Own the vehicles while we manage them for you.
Large corporations often struggle with managing and monitoring their vehicle fleets. Challenges such as forgetting renewal dates for vehicle documents or seeking help during road accidents can become overwhelming. Our fleet management services are designed to alleviate these issues.
We cater to multinational companies and large corporations seeking the best mobility solutions while retaining vehicle ownership.
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Novago Ghana

8 Osibisa Close – Airport West, Accra – Ghana
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Novago Côte d'Ivoire

10 BP 1602 ABIDJAN 10 Abidjan, Treichville rue des Brasseurs Immeuble NOVAGO/AUTO24, Côte d’Ivoire
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Novago Sénégal

Cité Keur Gorgui, Immeuble R102 Sacré-coeur 3 Pyrotechnie, Senegal
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At NOVAGO, We are proud to be West Africa's leading independent provider of corporate mobility services.

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